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MPX Value Stream Modeling

MPX Value Stream ModelingTM is a high-powered Build-To-Demand, Inc. analysis tool that provides simulation-type results without the high cost and excessive time associated with actually developing simulations. Using queuing theory to model competition for resources, MPX provides a significantly higher level of analysis sophistication than is available through two-dimensional spreadsheet-based scheduling tools. Once a value stream model has been developed, MPX then has the capability to check for impact of "what if" options, allowing for creation of an outcome which both maximizes resource utilization and reduces overall MCT.

In the "complement/supplement" philosophy of Next Generation Lean, MPX Value Stream ModelingTM has a high level of overlap with Value Stream Mapping. In fact, a completed Value Stream Map provides approximately 80% of the input needed to develop a MXP model. Yet, while MPX does build upon Value Stream Mapping, it delivers a significantly greater Lean value. For example, a MPX model numerically confirms operational relationships between resources. Once verified, the "what if" feature can then be used to easily and quickly model those Lean activities you are considering, allowing an understanding of impact before the first operational change is made. Besides helping with activity prioritization, "what if" modeling also helps in financial justification of Lean implementation requiring expenditures. None of this can be done with Value Stream Mapping.

The bottom line is that MPX Value Stream ModelingTM will provide most manufacturers with a type of powerful analysis tool that they previously have not had access to.

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MPX Value Stream Modeling

  • Simulation-type results without the high cost.
  • A higher level of analysis sophistication.
  • Maximizes resource utilization and reduces overall MCT.