Build-To-Demand, Inc.

Next Generation Lean

Lean principles are "spot on" but gaps exist on how they have been applied to industry. For instance, when is the last time you heard of a Lean initiative receiving recognition as having impacted executive level financial exhibits? The answer to that is probably seldom, if ever. To close gaps such as these updated strategies, metrics and tools are needed. Build-To-Demand, Inc. has developed such a structure called Next Generation Lean based on actual industrial experience. Next Generation Lean complements and supplements — but doesn't replace — the Lean knowledge and skills that currently exist in your organization. In fact, because Next Generation Lean builds upon your current Lean competency, it might be surprising to you how little revision is needed in your current Lean practice to significantly raise the contribution it makes in bottom line metrics.

Manufacturing Critical-path Time (MCT) Reduction

A key strategy of Next Generation Lean is that activities are prioritized based on their ability to reduce "true" lead time, i.e. MCT. You'll note that this metric is based on order fulfillment capability rather than traditional quantifiers of waste. The point is that MCT reduction — regardless of from where it comes — relates directly to and drives all waste reduction. There is a lot of academic justification that supports this strategy, but perhaps the best explanation of why it is so important to be Lean is posed by the following question:

"How do you measure a company's lean-ness"?

In Next Generation Lean the answer to this question is that the shorter the MCT, the lean-ner you are. Another way of saying this is that the closer a company is to build-to-demand capability, the lean-ner it is.

Prioritizing Lean activities based on their impact on Build-To-Demand capability will increase the impact of any Lean Initiative. That's the reason why our company has Trademarked the term Build-To-Demand: The Lean End GameTM, which as a logo, speaks for itself. Under Build-To-Demand's Next Generation Lean template you'll never need to again wonder “how long until we get Lean” or, as your kids might say “are we there yet”?